About the Journal

Developmental and Adolescent Health is founded and published quarterly by the Greek Society for Adolescent Medicine. The journal was first released in 2020 in Greek. From the third issue on it is being published in English and aims to inform, educate and promote knowledge in all fields concerning developmental and adolescent health.

Aims and scope

Developmental and Adolescent Health constitutes the vision of the Founder and former President of Greek Society for Adolescent Medicine, Professor Georgios Marangos. For the present Board is an important addition in the scientific dialogue, aiming to encourage research and inspire young scientists.

The purpose of the journal is to help scientists to delve into issues of developmental and psychosocial health of children and adolescents in modern changing societies and to evolve this knowledge into daily practice. 

This edition began a particularly difficult period, as humanity is facing the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in global health and socio-economical level.  The psychosocial consequences are also important. Confinement, uncertainty and fear made difficult the daily life of families in many countries, which has affect the health of their younger members in various ways.

Developmental and Adolescent Health accepts original research articles, reviews, case reports and editorial articles from all subspecialties in pediatrics. All papers are blind peer-reviewed and published as quickly as possible.