• Artemis Tsitsika


Dear colleagues,

in the second issue of Volume 2 of the Journal Developmental and Adolescent Health (JDAH), original research articles have a leading role.
Τhere is an original research article studying sexual practices in relation to psychosocial status, in a sample of 1096 adolescents in Greece, revealing very interesting data. Another original research article is focusing on mutual empathy of vulnerable students and teachers and the impact on students’ personal well-being and academic performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, also highlighting points of online education. The third original research is presenting the ENABLE European Project, a combined model of socio-emotional learning and peer support against bullying, which has been applied in both primary and secondary education school units.
This issue also offers two review articles : one systematic review concerning the prevalence of Idiopathic Precocious Puberty in girls, during the Covid-19 period, which seems to have been influenced by BMI increase, overuse of electronic devices and psychological stress and one literature review focusing on Cannabis use by adolescents in Greece, in comparison to European and Worldwide context.
We hope that you will find interest in our new issue, which offers valuable original findings and important information about hot topics concerning adolescent health, especially during the pandemic era.

Author Biography

Artemis Tsitsika

As. Professor in Pediatrics-Adolescent Medicine
Head of the Adolescent Health Unit (A.H.U.)
Chair of “Str. Of Developmental & Adolescent Health” MSc
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
President of the Hellenic Society for Adolescent Medicine/Health
Editor in Chief of the Journal of Developmental & Adolescent Health (JDAH






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